penny stocks for dummies

This is a list of penny stocks for dummies with the most percentage gains today. All stocks are trading under $2 and listed on NASDAQ, NYSE or AMEX with volume of at least 500,000. Please note this is only a penny stock watchlist for short term trading, it is not a stocks to buy list. Do your own research and trade at your own risk.
If you are new to trading or penny stocks, check out how to trade penny stocks.

Last Trading Date: 2015-10-19

Symbol Exchange Open High Low Close Volume Percent
DHRM NASDAQ 1.50 2.28 1.48 1.94 1026400 36.62%
ARO NYSE 0.49 0.58 0.47 0.55 2561000 17.02%
XXII AMEX 1.16 1.40 1.15 1.38 810500 15.97%
SPEX NASDAQ 0.56 0.69 0.49 0.53 3501100 12.77%
XOMA NASDAQ 0.99 1.08 0.96 1.05 3020900 7.14%

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