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Hot Penny Stocks

This is a list of daily hot penny stocks that are trading on the NASDAQ sorted by percentage gain and trading volume. Any stock that are below $5 are considered penny stocks.

Last Trading Date: 12/12/2017

Symbol Exchange Open High Low Close Volume Percent
RPRX NASDAQ 0.66 0.68 0.66 0.67 10877200 42.55%
GLBR NASDAQ 0.52 0.87 0.41 0.71 8194500 36.54%
EYESW NASDAQ 0.70 1.02 0.70 0.90 99600 28.57%
PYDS NASDAQ 2.35 3.59 2.34 2.91 2314600 25.43%
EYES NASDAQ 2.04 2.55 2.02 2.35 3984500 17.50%
CHCI NASDAQ 1.32 1.70 1.29 1.57 197400 17.16%
PIXY NASDAQ 2.20 2.49 2.05 2.49 115400 16.90%
RCON NASDAQ 1.15 1.37 1.14 1.33 869700 14.66%
EARS NASDAQ 0.41 0.49 0.40 0.48 1784800 14.29%
RGSE NASDAQ 1.29 1.55 1.28 1.43 733300 13.49%
TWNKW NASDAQ 1.98 2.20 1.98 2.15 1014900 11.98%
AMDA NASDAQ 2.94 3.49 2.90 3.26 124100 11.64%
HTBX NASDAQ 0.34 0.39 0.30 0.39 1044300 11.43%
ELTK NASDAQ 3.40 4.70 3.38 3.81 939500 11.08%
LRAD NASDAQ 2.23 2.45 2.23 2.45 201800 10.36%
MTBC NASDAQ 2.75 3.04 2.66 2.95 630700 10.07%
PRTS NASDAQ 2.11 2.35 2.11 2.31 247500 10.00%
FUV NASDAQ 3.51 4.04 3.36 4.04 109300 8.89%
TRCH NASDAQ 1.21 1.32 1.19 1.30 587600 8.33%
STRM NASDAQ 1.26 1.38 1.16 1.35 289200 8.00%
CBLI NASDAQ 2.83 3.09 2.76 3.00 78100 7.91%
BLPH NASDAQ 2.10 2.25 2.10 2.25 207800 7.66%
CHKE NASDAQ 1.95 2.15 1.95 2.15 230800 7.50%
CLSN NASDAQ 2.68 2.88 2.57 2.83 1203800 7.20%
WSCWW NASDAQ 1.15 1.30 1.12 1.20 1707700 7.14%
INVE NASDAQ 2.98 3.20 2.92 3.20 64900 7.02%
FATE NASDAQ 4.20 4.55 4.11 4.43 957800 7.00%
ARDM NASDAQ 4.77 5.20 4.75 5.00 216700 6.84%
SRRA NASDAQ 2.94 3.15 2.90 3.09 642500 6.55%
GENE NASDAQ 0.94 1.06 0.93 0.98 960500 6.52%
APPS NASDAQ 1.70 1.95 1.68 1.80 1456300 6.51%
AQMS NASDAQ 1.88 2.04 1.88 2.00 1308300 6.38%
CERC NASDAQ 1.76 2.14 1.74 1.87 1196800 6.25%
LUNA NASDAQ 2.09 2.27 2.09 2.23 144400 6.19%
NXEOW NASDAQ 0.52 0.55 0.50 0.53 489600 6.00%
WPRT NASDAQ 2.66 2.91 2.66 2.81 864700 5.64%
LEDS NASDAQ 3.62 4.94 3.53 3.80 754900 5.56%
RELV NASDAQ 4.44 4.69 3.72 4.68 98400 5.17%
KONE NASDAQ 3.74 5.15 3.74 3.92 302000 5.09%
ATRS NASDAQ 1.77 1.90 1.77 1.86 947800 5.08%
AEMD NASDAQ 1.00 1.06 0.97 1.04 433100 5.05%
PRSS NASDAQ 1.80 1.89 1.78 1.89 93200 5.00%

Best Penny Stock Brokers

If you swing trade stocks especially for small accounts, you know that commission can add up quickly when you buy and sell a few or a dozen stocks per week. You want to find a stock broker that has all the necessary tools to execute your trade and low commission fee per transaction.

For instance, if your account is under $10,000 and you want to trade 3 or 4 stocks. Let’s say you want to invest no more than $3,000 on each stock, and your stock broker charges $10 per trade. You will need to pay $20 for buying and selling the stock, which is about 0.67% of your $3,000. This might not sound like a lot money, but it does add up. When you trade a dozen stocks a week, the transaction fees will be more like $100 – $200 or 1%-2% of your total portfolio, or about 3%-6% of your $3,000 for each stock.

When you are picking penny stocks that go up 20% or more a week, the transaction fees is just pocket change. However, when you are losing money on a trade or a couple of trades, the transaction fees will put you deeper in the hole.

For this reason, you want to find a reliable penny stock broker that charges a reasonable transaction fee.

Top Penny Stock Brokers

1. Optionshouse  – This is the stock broker I use for swing trading. They charge a flat rate of $4.95 per trade. That means you can trade $10,000 or $100,000 for the same price. Best of all, you can trade free for 60 days when you open a new account. Pricing is not the only thing that makes Optionshouse stand out among other stock brokers. Optionshouse is beginner friendly with a powerful trading platform that is easy to use. In addition, they offer a virtual trading platform which is great for beginners who want to practice their trading skills without risking any money. The virtual trading platform is just like their live system except that it doesn’t use real money.

2. TradeKing – TradeKing is another great stock broker for penny stocks that charges a $4.95 transaction fee per trade. It is a popular stock broker that offers both great services and trading platform. It was rated #1 customer service by Smart Money, and #1 online broker for usability by Barron’s. If you are currently with another stock broker, and is interested in transfer you account to TradeKing, they’ll reimburse the transfer fees for up to $150.

3. Suretrader – Suretrader is another stock broker that offers a rate of $4.95 per trade for 1,000 shares. What makes this stock broker interesting is that it has one of the largest short lists along online brokers with over 10,000 symbols to short. If you are interested in shorting penny stocks which is very risky, you can considered Suretrader. Another advantage of Suretrader is that it has no pattern day trading rules. If you want to day trading penny stocks, this is the stock broker to go.

Stock Broker Comparison

Here’s a pricing chart for the most popular online stock brokers.


Top 5 Stock Screeners

If you trade or invest in stocks, you know that manually searching for a stocks that match your criteria can be painful. Fortunately, there are many stock screeners that you can use to help you find stocks quickly. Here are a few of the best ones.

Best Stock Screener

Google Finance 

Google Finance offers a nice and powerful stock screener for fundamental analysis. You can search for stuff like price, valuation, dividend, financial ratios, operating metrics, stock metrics, margins, growth and more. You can also filter stocks based on market caps, P/E ratio, Div yield, 52 week price changes and so on. You can combine any of the criteria and do a custom screen based on your need. If you invest stocks for the long term, then Google Finance will be your best bet. Best of all, the stock screener is free to use.

Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance also has an awesome stock screener that you can use for fundamental data. Here’s a list of the stuff that you can search for.

1. Industry and index membership such as the Dow Jones, S&P 500 or others.

2. You can search by share data such as share price, market cap, dividend yield and volatility.

3. You can also search for sales and profitability data of a company by sales revenue and profit margin.

4. Valuation ratios allows you to search by P/E, P/B, P/S and PEG ratios.

5. Last but not least, you can also search for analyst estimates such as the 1 year EPS growth and 5 year EPS growth. You can also search for the average analyst recommendations.

Zacks Stock Screener

Zacks also has a powerful fundamental stock screener with a wide selection of filtering criteria. You have the options to search for basic financial data just like the Google Stock Screener like return on investment, Income statement & growth, dividends margins & turnover, balance sheet, liquidity & coverage. In addition, you can search for stocks based on earnings surprises and misses, and how the market reacts to these news.

Technical Stock Screener

Technically speaking, a stock screener that is designed for technical analysis is called a stock scanner. However, most people doesn’t really care what the correct name should be, so we will call it stock screener in this post.

Finviz Stock Screener

Finviz is a great stock screener for both technical analysis and fundamental analysis. You have the ability to search for stocks based on market caps, earnings date, analyst recommendations, dividend yield and so on. Best of all, you can combine your fundamental search with technical indicators such as moving average, volatility, RSI, candlestick patterns, gap up and down. Overall, this is the best stock screener if you are using both fundamental and technical analysis.

Stock Screener

Last but not least, offers a pretty cool technical stock screener. It has all types of candlestick chart patterns and technical indicators that you can use. The stock screener is super easy to use yet very powerful. Here are some technical indicators that you can scan for.

Candlestick Patterns

Bullish Engulfing
Bearish Engulfing
Bullish Harami
Bearish Harami
Inverted Hammer
Bearish Doji
Bullish Hammer
Bearish Kicker
Bullish Doji
Hanging Man
Morning Star
Shooting Star
Three Outside Up
Dark Cloud Cover
Above The Stomach
Evening Star
Bullish Kicker
Last Engulfing Top
Three Line Strike
Three White Soldiers
Bullish Side By Side White Line
Bullish Meeting Lines

Technical Indicators

There are bunch of technical indicators included with this screener such as MACD, stochastic oscillator, RSI, moving average, volume, and many more. This is the only stock screener that I’m using for my penny stock screening because I only use a few technical indicators and it has everything that I need.